The history of Kinloch Missouri  is one that will educate, inspire and bring many former residents joy and tears!  Joy because of the memories of a time where Blacks lived and worked in a thriving community noted as the First African American community that operated independent of outside influences.  Surrounding White municipalities thrived with its own Police Department, Fire Department, Library, Post Office, City Hall, School District, and more, and so did the City of Kinloch;  From the Bottom of Kinloch to the top which ended at Kinloch High.

The Museum of Black Inventors is creating a wonderful colorful mural that highlights a depiction of the bottom of Kinloch on Martin Luther King to the top highlighting landmarks like, Harold’s, Wade, the Library, the Supermarket, City, Hall, the Post Office, Dunbar, etc.  We welcome photographs and input from former residents and look forward to displaying the finished traveling exhibit for all to see.

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