Museum of Black Inventors collaborate with the St. Louis Cultural Arts Center to host programs and events open to the community year round.

Camp Inventions:

Annual Summer Camp provides Music, Dance, Drama, Arts & Crafts and more for inner city youth at no cost to participating families. Many of our camp attendees would not otherwise afford to experience summer fun in such a safe, loving and creative way. Community organizations, schools, & churches provide space for camp each summer until such time as the Museum is relocated to it’s new home in progress.

Black Inventions Traveling Exhibit:

Knowledge On Wheels Traveling Exhibit showcase many of the exact same displays as housed in the Gallery, including hands on replicas, drawings, photographs and documentation of Black Inventors. The Exhibit travels to schools, including colleges and universities, organizations and events all year. Celebrate, recognize and pay tribute to Black Inventors during February and all year long. The exhibit is available to book for 24 hours or more. The exhibit is showcased at  schools, organizations, museums and special events like family reunions and expos around the globe.

Annual Youth Ball Scholarship Gala:

Our biggest event of the year is the much anticipated Youth Scholarship Gala. Girls & boys 6-17 years of age meet on Saturdays during a 6-8 week period. During this time, the youth are mentored and coached on communications, poise, and overall etiquette. Youth compete in appropriate age categories and a sit down formal dinner concludes the event.

Mother/Daughter Blog & Annual Fashion Showcase:

Mothers and daughter have a lot to share. MOBI provide a platform for young girls from all backgrounds to learn about themselves through ongoing year around events. Events that allow them to express their creativity through Art, writing, entrepreneurship, and more. We recently collaborated with Kats Walk Projects to promote and host the annual Mother/Daughter
Fashion Showcase.

Youth Entrepreneur Empowerment Zone:

The rapid changes in technology and social media ever increasing presence, makes it essential that women and youth gain knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable them to become successful business Leaders and Business Owners.   The Museum of Black Inventors has partnered with (PiiA) Product Invention/Innovation Academy.   We are excited about this collaboration with PIIA to advance the opportunity for youth in St. Louis to tap into their creativity as innovators that allow them to invent a real tangible product from start to finish.  MOBI collaborates with community and business organizations to host ongoing workshops, and training workshops.

Haitian Gallery: (Future Display)

The Museum of Black Inventors received a wonderful donation of Haitian Art in 1996 from a University of Arizona donor. The Gallery displays the brilliantly colored paintings of Haitian Culture.

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