MOBI was founded by Loretta Moore a native of St. Louis, and a woman determined to educate the public about contributions by African Americans that helped to build America.

Though her professional Healthcare Career and Businesses  were very successful, Loretta knew her purpose is far beyond helping companies in Corporate America become richer.  She decided after sixteen years to leave her six figure income to embark on an entrepreneurial  journey by starting a Healthcare Practice Management Co.  During her healthcare career Loretta hired, trained and mentored single moms helping them to learn job skills that transitioned them from welfare to work.  Her published articles during the first healthcare reform in the Medical Business Journal and the BJC News Magazine has led her on another journey as a writer and soon to be Author.

In 1996 Loretta founded the Museum of Black Inventors.  Noted by USA Today as the first of it’s kind to open and house permanent displays, photographs, drawings, documentation and replicas of contributions by African Americans that helped to build America.  In addition to USA Today, she appeared in Ebony Magazine, Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and just about all of St. Louis City and County print medias.  In addition to television interviews, she has appeared on Oprah, the Rolanda Show, Topics ETC., UPN 46, and Take 2.

Loretta is currently fostering relationships with civic leaders, schools and organizations/corporations alike to continue to support youth in St. Louis City and County.

Her passion is to help all youth tap into their creativity and to become their best self!